Cadence Fashion

Our Story

Our story is one of compassion for people and planet
Articulated in the meaningful and sustainable ways we do things
We are transparent collaborators and innovators
Who we are?Our passion
Who we are

Cadence Fashion

We were founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 2020 as a purpose-led, global apparel company seeking to earn a leadership position in the emerging stylish, hemp-based clothing marketplace – doing so on a business and social platform that also inspires others to understand and pursue the possible.

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We care deeply about the planet and its people and will show that measure of respect in the way we do business as a responsible and accountable member of society.


We support policies and activities that protect people and our planet, providing future generations the opportunity to thrive around the world, and we will strive to do so in every aspect of our business, while inspiring others to do the same.

Inclusion and Diversity

Our work is guided by the belief that there is value to be found in the diversity of people, beliefs, ideas, geographies, and circumstances, and we provide all people with the opportunity for their voice to be heard and their message to be understood.


We embrace creativity, change and emerging technologies that help us explore, assess and put better processes and materials in place to enhance our products and deliver on our commitments.


We believe that trust, respect, alignment and lasting success are the result of open, consistent, timely and honest communication.


We lead by example and ensure our “say and do” are aligned in balancing profitability and purpose-driven behavior.

Socially Responsible

We stand for progressive third-party standards for human rights, safe working conditions, freedom of association, fair wages, and environmental and business governance, while listening to others’ points of view regarding how we can do better.

Our Purposeful and Values-Driven Approach

From day one, we have focused on building a business that maintains a thoughtful balance between purpose and profits and is consistent with global standards associated with environmental stewardship, social well-being and transparent governance.

Purpose Statement

We provide comfort and smiles to people around the world in a way that fits their life, today and tomorrow.

Mission Statement

We offer consumers affordable fashion apparel that is responsibly and sustainably sourced, produced and delivered.

The Core Values of Cadence Fashion help to shape our approach to business and to acting as a responsible enterprise. Our activities respect the rights and needs of people around the world and treat the planet and its limited resources in a way that sustains and empowers life.

Cadence Fashion

Business and Social Principles

We believe

That style, fashionable appeal, affordability and responsible sourcing/eco-friendly practices are both necessary and mutually compatible.
That to be an innovative, responsible and social advocate for people and our shared planet requires us to be profitable and to maintain a healthy financial standing, which will allow us to consistently invest in achieving our Purpose, Mission and Values. Profitability and Purpose will always remain in balance.
That style, fashionable appeal, affordability and responsible sourcing/eco-friendly practices are both necessary and mutually compatible.

We will

Provide fashionable apparel that looks and feels good, builds confidence and is compatible with the best interests of people and our planet, from farm field to sewing to home.
Minimize waste and pursue opportunities consistent with a circular economy.
Pay a living wage to all of our employees, without exception, and will inspire our suppliers and business partners to do the same.
Donate 1 percent of our annual revenue to charity consistent with what is known as Pledge 1%, doing so in a way that is global in approach and consistent with our core values to support people and the planet.
Join others in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, starting with gender equality and women’s empowerment, sustainable consumption and production, and climate change.

More to Come