Sustainable corporate clothing

How about a t shirt that tells a story, one of compassion for our planet and people? A t shirt that is truly sustainable, responsibly sourced, and yet affordably priced.

100% fair produced
86% less water consumption than conventional cotton
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Why others choose us

What makes our fabric unique?

Our fabric is uniquely produced with hemp. Also known as industrial hemp! The advantage of hemp is that it needs much less water to grow compared to cotton . It requires hardly any pesticides or insecticides.

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86% less water consumption than conventional cotton;
Organic and biodegradable;
Breathable: keeps wearer warm in winter/cool in summer;
UV and mold resistant;
Reduced chemical impact;
Moisture absorbing properties;
Soft as cotton, but four times as durable;
No microplastics;

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About the preorder
✅ We are now taking orders for spring and summer 2023
✅ Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces for each color.
✅ Maximum order quantity: We can accept orders of up to 100,000 units .
✅ Delivery time: 8 weeks for order size up to 3000 pieces | 10-11 weeks for any order size greater than 3000.

    Reseller or retailer?

    Interested in the fabric?

    Are you a clothing brand, retailer or commercial agent and interested in our fabric? Contact our founders, Mik and Rubayet for more information

    Code of Conduct for Ethical sourcing

    We have long-term strategic partnerships with suppliers from Asia, who share a strong commitment to ethical sourcing standards and resonate with our core values rooted in transparency, sustainability and ESG based beliefs.

    Our vision
    As a startup, our aim was to create a fabric that has significantly reduced environmental impact but with the soft hand feel that we look for in a t shirt. So, we created this special blend of hemp and organic cotton.

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